Sign up to our Welcome Event on 23.04.2024 here:

We briefly introduce you to our group and present our plans for the new semester. Following the introduction, we will have a mini-discussion on the paper "The Extended Mind" by Andy Clark and David Chalmers. This way, you can see for yourself whether you enjoy philosophical discussions.
Please read - or at least skim - the paper to make the most out of the event; though you may also join one of the discussions as an "observer" if you haven't had time to prepare.

We conclude by socialising at a close-by bar/restaurant.

You will receive a confirmation email the weekend before the event.

Paper Teaser:
Does your mind stop at the boundaries of your skin and skull? Or should your smartphone or notebook also be considered a part of it? As Clark and Chalmers put it, your "cognitive processes ain’t (all) in the head!"